Welcome to Eden Block

We are a venture house dedicated to enabling a new digital future

We invest in extraordinary companies shaping the future of the Internet

Building trustless services:

Vega is building a protocol for the decentralised margin trading of custom financial products. Using Vega, anyone can create products, make markets, and trade.

Barney Mannerings


Building security solutions:

GK8 is building a novel military grade enterprise security solution to prevent any attack on both hot and cold wallets.

Lior Lamesh


Building future-proof infrastructures:

Chainspace is building a distributed web of blockchains for scalability, speed and privacy, featuring a novel sharing protocol and a leaderless consensus protocol.

Ramsey Khoury


And many more exceptional companies

We nurture our investments through a core support system

Strategic infrastructure

We measure strategic success as the entrepreneur's ability to make the right decisions. We assist our teams in the set-up and thought process that goes into building an elite organization.

Holistic industry expertise

Refining an ideology driven by innovative value is a daunting task. In-house professionals provide our teams with expertise relevant to a multitude of industries and cases.

End to end advisory support

Staying close to an evolving vision is an entrepreneur's biggest challenge. We support our teams in every step of that journey.

Ideation & development

Disruptive Innovation comes from brilliant ideas and a thoughtful process. Together with our Founders, we sharpen both edges.

We build a strong foundation around who we are

Our team is composed of proven experts across a wide number of relevant industries including blockchain, finance, enterprise software, and more. With over 25 years of investment experience and more than 20 exits successfully coordinated, Eden Block stands as a perfect partner to support teams in their early stages and all the way to a prosperous launch.

25+ years

of investment experience

20+ exits

successfully coordinated

5+ years

in the blockchain industry

People and partners

Lior Messika

Partner | CIO

Chief Executive Director of Messika Holdings. Serial entrepreneur and awarded commander at the Israeli Defence Force. Renowned business strategist and thought leader. Expert blockchain investor and analyst.

Yoann Douieb

Partner | CFO

Worked in various investment and operational roles, 15+ years experience at hedge fund investor EnTrustPermal, Natixis' brokerage arm and First International Bank of Israel's trading unit. Founded investment management company Temple Stone, investing across multiple asset classes.

Rami Beracha

Partner | CSO

Venture capitalist. Served as managing partner of Pitango, named the largest venture capital fund in Israel. Founder and chairman of Sosa TLV, which creates links between cities and global players, and Israeli start-ups.

Dr. Ben Livshits

Chair of Advisory Board

Chief Scientist at Brave Software, Professor at Imperial College London, fellow of UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, ex-Microsoft Research, author of over 100 top-tier scientific papers and dozens of patents, Stanford Ph.D. received in 2006.

Dermot O'Riordan


Generalist and specialist with operational, strategic, legal and corporate finance (VC, PE and M&A) experience. Board member of the ICE List, the non-profit community for leaders in technology. Formerly at Hogan Lovells, Orrick, The Reserve Ventures, and the Websummit.

Mustafa Al-Bassam

Scientific Advisor

Researcher at University College London. Worked on some of the earliest blockchain scalability protocols and co-founded scalability startup Chainspace (acquired by Facebook in 2019).

We are passionately driven by an underlying philosophy

Eden Block was launched under a commitment to enable an entirely new industry, setting new standards for the world we live in, and doing so by spearheading change in every single way.

Enabling an industry

Aligning our impact with the development and flourishing of the blockchain industry across a wide variety of fields including technology, education, and policy.

Setting a standard

Defining new principles and guidelines for a surging industry filled with opportunity and new business models, helping teams navigate vast uncertainty.

Spearheading change

Gearing the industry towards driving societal change, enabling a new vision of the world powered by distributed ledger technologies.