Welcome to Eden Block

We are a venture house dedicated to enabling a new digital future

We invest in extraordinary companies shaping the future of the Internet

Building trustless services:

Vega is building a protocol for the decentralised margin trading of custom financial products. Using Vega, anyone can create products, make markets, and trade.

Building security solutions:

Puzzzle is building a novel military grade enterprise security solution to prevent any attack on both hot and cold wallets.

Building future-proof infrastructures:

Chainspace is building a distributed web of blockchains for scalability, speed and privacy, featuring a novel sharing protocol and a leaderless consensus protocol.

We nurture our investments through a core support system

Strategic infrastructure

Holistic industry expertise

End-to-end advisory

Ideation & development

We build a strong foundation around who we are

25+ years

of investment experience

20+ exits

successfully coordinated

5+ years

in the blockchain industry