Blockchain and crypto enable a paradigm shift in coordination amongst humans and machines that will transform (and disrupt) current frameworks for commerce and finance, and how systems are governed.

Eden Block seeks to enable the full potential of blockchain and crypto by investing in a small number of high conviction opportunities each year


+ years

Successfully coordinated




Cumulative exit valuations


+ years

Of investment experience


+ years

In the blockchain industry




Cumulative capital deployed

We invest as early as possible

The stages we invest in are pre-seed, seed, and early series A.



Series A

Data, security & privacy

Financial services & assets

Supply chains of the future

We focus our investments across the areas most ripe for disruption by blockchain and crypto, namely:

Data, security & privacy, financial services & assets, and the systems that supply products and services to end-consumers, i.e. the supply chains of the future

No room for egos

We have no time for misplaced confidence or egos. It acts as a drag on success and an obstacle to the truth.

Talent comes in all shapes and sizes and the best idea must always win.

Always follow through

We walk the extra mile, and then a thousand more.

We make unequivocal commitments to outcome and quality, and we expect our portfolio to do the same

Put people first

We get technology, but we invest in people.

An understanding of people, and incentives, is essential for any successful team, technology or business.

Seek the truth

We are led by our experience, research and theories, but take a bottoms up approach to every investment, and prefer pragmatism over idealism every day.

Ideology, history, or bias, must never get in the way of the truth.

We lead by example in our investments as well as our participation in the governance of the companies and protocols that we back, both on-chain, and off-chain.

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