Eden Block Capital

Our Philosophy

Venture Capital has been revolutionised by the advent of distributed ledger technologies. While businesses, enterprises, and entire industries wrestle with research and implementation of DLT, an entire new world of possibilities has surfaced. At Eden Block Capital, our aim is to empower the technologies of tomorrow through a multiplicity of verticals. Eden Block Capital is poised to support its entrepreneurs through all facets of a business's development.
Our investment philosophy puts our teams' values first, while offering our portfolio companies all the necessary tools in order to attain exceptional goals. This includes vital involvement in the broader realms of strategic infrastructure, as well as product & business development. Eden Block Capital’s board boasts more than 30 years of investments in high-tech startups and disruptive markets, and will continue to support this new ecosystem with utmost quality and accuracy.

Core Values

End to end advisory

Above all, we believe in our entrepreneurs. Applying Eden Block's experience, research, and strategies, we help our entrepreneurs navigate unchartered territories better.

Dedication to excellence

At Eden Block, we focus on making the exceptional stand out. Identifying, empowering, and supporting teams that surpass conventional thinking, Eden Block sets a new standard for excellence.

Veritable expertise

Eden Block's industry experts are embedded into every facet of our operations, that span over an extremely diversified milieu. Veritable, tested expertise within an emerging and volatile industry becomes a monumental tool for success.

Symbiotic ecosystem

Eden Block Capital derives core value from the world's deepest network of supportive entities. Eden Block's ecosystem continues to empower its portfolio companies through research, implementation, and profound industry experience.

Unique Positioning

Israel has long been an oasis for early stage investment opportunities. Colloquially termed the "start-up nation", Israel has produced more early-stage investment opportunities than some of the world's largest hubs of invention, rivaling the numbers of Silicon Valley. Per capita, Israel remains the most prolific locale for invention and exceptional ventures.
With the rise of DLT, The Israeli start-up climate has radically (and quickly) adjusted to taking an active role in spearheading an emerging industry towards growth and implementation. In Israel, Eden Block plays an instrumental role in empowering the industry through supporting exceptional teams towards exceptional goals.