About Us

Who we are

Eden Block is a venture house specialized in the digital future, and focused on enabling a more democratized Internet. Based in Tel Aviv, we bring together the most comprehensive collective intelligence in business, finance, blockchain R&D, marketing and product experience design. Our team accumulates +25 years in investing activities, +20 years in entrepreneurship, and +5 years involved in the blockchain industry.

Leadership team

Lior Messika
Yoann Douieb
Head of Finance
Javier Alaves
Head of Operations
Anaïs Urlichs
Head of Research

What we do

Our main objective is to empower disruptive ventures with the capital, tools, knowledge, and ecosystem they need to achieve excellence. At the same time, we engage across industries on a multiplicity of levels.

Venture Capital

Investments in breakthrough projects led by world-class teams


Business model ideation harnessing the power of blockchain technology


Stringent due diligence on blockchain companies, and building bridges with academia


Bootcamps & hackathons, exclusive lectures, and proliferated knowledge at scale


Private collaborations with enterprise identifying unprecedented value


Custom blockchain solutions for enterprise and business applications